Understanding the key features of ABS luggage vs polycarbonate

Understanding the key features of ABS luggage vs polycarbonate

Differences and feature about polypropylene vs abs luggage
August 2, 2018
About Aluminum frame Hard side Luggage knowledge
August 6, 2018

Understanding the key features of ABS luggage vs polycarbonate

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Travelling is part and parcel of modern day life. Some go for distance vacation and some may need to travel because of professional demands. What is the common thing that we get to see among all travelers? Yes, you are right its luggage. It can be big or small but luggage is common to see with all tourists both national as well as international.  There are different types of luggage bags available in the market and only selected few managed to match the expectations of the frequent travelers.

How should we choose a suitcase?

Selecting the right luggage turns out to be really tough many a times. The industry experienced several innovations in regards to material, design, as well as the functioning of luggage bags over the years. You need to decide the material of the luggage. make suitcases two common materials used to are polycarbonate and ABS.


What is abs in luggage

The thermoplastic material used to make the suitcase is ABS, so it is very popular.ABS is much lighter when compared to polycarbonate but is not as durable as polycarbonate.  When you make the comparison of ABS luggage vs polycarbonate luggage the first thing that will attract you towards ABS is the price.


It is the hardest and cheapest material

Cheap and hard side suitcases main material almost ABS.If you have a restricted budget to invest in travel suitcases then ABS will be the best choice for you.You may feel surprised to know that you can buy a complete set of ABS luggage for the price which you need to pay for a single medium-sized suitcase made of Polycarbonate.

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About Polycarbonate luggage

Before you make the purchase you should also know about Polycarbonate luggage. Polycarbonate than ABS much more flexible, higher impact resistance It is also known. So by default, it turns out to be a stronger suitcase than ABS. Amorphous Polymer is used in Polycarbonate and that what makes it highly suitable for hard side luggage.

At the time of comparison of ABS or polycarbonate luggage, one more thing which may encourage you to select Polycarbonate is its excellent transparency. Well, by this it means that it can be used for making suitcases in various designs and colors. In short, we can comment that Polycarbonate luggage is a durable option over ABS.

Polycarbonate is easy to mold in multiple luggage shapes, turning it into a very flexible suitcase which is having the capability of tolerating heavy beats during travel. When you remain confused to decide, keep one thing in mind. It’s next to impossible to break polycarbonate until and unless you use some advanced equipment to break it intentionally. It is known for having the highest level of strength when compared with any other luggage materials.

When the discussion is on Polypropylene vs ABS luggage to choose, it is vital for you to understand the types of plastics which are involved in the making of ABS.

ABS Material Majorly use 3 categories plastics


  • Acrylonitrile makes ABS resistant to chemical and fatigue and makes it hard, and melt resistant.
  • Butadiene plastic in ABS turns it into a good impact resistant.
  • Styrene turns ABS resistant to heat and makes it luggage perfect with desired hardness. Styrene also offers the scope to add color.The above 3 plastics, when mixed together, makes ABS:
  • Impact resistance
  • Easy processing to give different luggage shape
  • Excellent heat distortion temperature resistant
  • Excellent gloss propert

In comparison of  ABS vs polypropylene luggage one thing we want you to note. ABS has a tensile strength of around 5500 psi, and polypropylene tensile strength is max 4000 psi. ABS is strength wise harder and stronger than polypropylene.

We can say ABS is durable, but not to that level which can match the durability of Polycarbonate. Additional materials have been added to improve the strength and durability of ABS used in luggage manufacturing.

When you search for the best set of luggage for your travel needs you will come across a wide range of Polycarbonate ,Polypropylene and ABS luggage.
The traveler’s usage makes a decision to choose Polycarbonate luggage vs ABS


For a frequent traveler, the best choice will be Polycarbonate. It will be a complete waste of money if invested in pure ABS luggage as chances will be high to make replacement very often. ABS and polypropylene luggage for kids can be a good choice but not for adults for frequent traveling.

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