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Everything You Need To Know When Selecting Hard Side Luggage

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August 8, 2018
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Everything You Need To Know When Selecting Hard Side Luggage

If you think about the last time you had a luggage problem or a mishap, you probably had a soft shell zipper suitcase. You may have come across no zipper hardside luggage headlines or frame cases while shopping around. So what is hard shell luggage no zipper? It is indeed your usual wheeled suitcase, but the kicker is it has no outer zippers. Their hard cases instead click down or snap shut, and the locks are sealed tight using several combination locks. These type of no zipper luggage might just be your next best travel investment yet.

Hard Shell Luggage Material and Style Guide

1. Acrylonitrile, Butadiene Styrene

(ABS)This material is a polymer, and each of the blended plastic provides the bag with a unique quality. Acrylonitrile gives the cover hardness and also provides strength to fight chemical and fatigue manipulation. Butadiene gives the casing excellent impact resistance capabilities. Styrene makes the case heat resistance and allows for better processability. This material, in turn, provides manipulation of hardness and the ability to add color to the article. These three plastics combined also are aesthetically appealing because the material has a gleam and shimmer to it. Coupled with its scratch proof capability, the material retains a pleasant appearance for a long time so that you don’t have to worry about restoring or replacing it for a while. Another advantage is that the ABS compound is lighter than other materials making such suitcases easy to haul and carry around. A variation of ABS manufactured luggage no zipper bags is the ABS coated with a polycarbonate film material. This method of manufacture allows for the end product to achieve optimal stability and lightness. The additional lamination is resistant to high impact manipulation that would otherwise break the material.

2. Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a highly flexible material which is virtually indestructible. In case the luggage no zipper is deformed during transit, the article can efficiently be structured back to shape. Polycarbonate is also very light, and the transparent nature of the raw material leaves a high number of options for colors and styling. Such suitcases are however not many and can be quite expensive.

3. Aluminum

Suitcases made of aluminum are very robust and tend to be high-end products. The metal finish is aesthetically pleasing especially if the designer had a beautiful shape in mind. This material, however, has a few disadvantages. Aluminum being metal is generally heavier than other materials. The weight makes hauling and handling the cases cumbersome especially if you don’t have much upper body strength. Also, while traveling on a plane, every extra kilo counts. Aluminum is also prone to dents and scratches which are not easily concealable. For sensitive items and business meeting, these kinds of no zipper luggage are preferable.


Determinants while purchasing no zipper hard side luggage

Size & Weight

If you are doing a lot of traveling, then you will definitely need a large and durable bag. The tradeoff, however, is when you have to choose between a dense material and the size. For example, aluminum which is perfect for frequent travel is durable but considering you might need to pack bulky items; the final weight can be quite significant. Or you can choose a lighter material such as ABS which is pretty solid and replace it after some years.


Although hard shell no zipper luggage can get heavy, a case with a decent number of wheels that evenly spread out the weight can make this task significantly more manageable for you.

A good option is getting a suitcase with spinner wheels. Such cases enable you to push as well as pull in case you have to make 360 degree turns or when you have many bags you need to control at the same time. Also, ensure that the wheels can withstand the weight of the suitcase and everything you need to pack inside. The last thing you want is a wheel popping off at the airport.


Foldable and malleable suitcases allow you to pack and squeeze as many items as you possibly can at the same time. A good thing to pay attention to is the dividers in the suitcase, whether they came with the briefcase or you had to buy them separately. A good suitcase should have hidden compartments, and places where you need to store your documents and other sensitive items should be optimally located for easier accessibility as well.

Advantages of hard shell cases

They’re extremely durable

Some customers who have purchased no zipper hard side luggage have had even up to three or four decades of use. This is because, with zipper luggage, you need to replace a worn out zipper regularly. With luggage no zipper, the locking mechanism is replaced by aluminum frame alloys that simply click into place.


Cases of stolen luggage at the airport have been the case for the past decades. Taking luggage has become organized crimes run by cartels. The ease of accessing your luggage when it is on the conveyor is ridiculous. Anyone can directly open the bag using a ballpoint pen! With a hard shell luggage no zipper case, the sturdy frame makes it virtually impossible to pry open and besides, nobody can unlock your suitcase without the combination which only you have. The no zipper luggage is essentially a portable safe.

All no zipper hard side luggage is elegant

As we discussed the material used to make the hard case luggage no zipper, it is easy to see why business people and high-profile celebrities use such luggage bags. The case opens and closes by clicking a button on each of the two combination locks taking away the struggle of stuck zippers. Also, the finishing offers a wide variety of styles to choose from. A sleek aluminum frame, for example, looks effortlessly classy and chic.

Other advantages worth noting are:

– The hard shell luggage no zipper material and the no zipper characteristic protect sensitive products inside the case.

– Airport baggage claim process can be brutal on soft shell materials to which hard case luggage with no zipper is exceptionally resistant.

– The materials are impervious to dirt components thus maintaining a clean look.- The material used to make no zipper luggage is virtually water-repellent is important to note that even though no zipper hard side luggage is more expensive to purchase, it is more of an investment in the long run.


No zipper hard side luggage required a hefty investment price comparing to other forms of travel bags. The cost is attributed to their material, size, and durability.

– Due to the nature of the materials used to make the hard shell luggage no zipper bags, the final weight is significantly more than that of other soft-sided cases. This means that you have to pack lighter or pay someone to help carry your bags.

– Due to the material, hard case luggage no zipper is usually loaded at the bottom of luggage carrying mechanisms. Everything else must be stacked on top of your bag meaning significant weight can deform softer parts of the shell.

Final words

We hope this guide will help shed some light on hard case luggage no zipper. And now that you are aware of the choices you have in selecting no zipper hardside luggage, which one will you go for?