5 Kinds of No Zipper Luggage and Hard Shell No Zipper Luggage

5 Kinds of No Zipper Luggage and Hard Shell No Zipper Luggage

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December 3, 2018

5 Kinds of No Zipper Luggage and Hard Shell No Zipper Luggage

5 Kinds of No-Zipper Luggage for Your Perfect Travel Experience


The quality of your traveling experience depends on a number of things. One of them is the quality and type of luggage. It may not have occurred to you but this is one of the most important things as the comfort with which you travel affects the quality of your trip. After all, nobody wants to have trouble with their suitcases while they travel from one place to another.


There are a number of factors which point to the fact that no zipper luggage is the best option if you want to keep your stuff safe and sound. Don’t forget the intense security checks, conveyor belts on which you have to pass on your suitcase several times. Imagine which one would you want in a heavy flow of security checks? Hard side luggage no zipper or some ordinary traveling bag in which your things might break?


The best thing about the zipperless luggage is that they come in a lot of variety and you get to choose the one that suits your needs the best. So here is a list of 5 no zipper luggage you need to consider for a better traveling experience


  1. Abs spinner luggage

If you want something solid which is suitable for all kinds of trips, this is one of the best options available on the market. Abs spinner luggage is a hard shell no zipper luggage which does not even let a minor scratch affect its magnificent appearance. Although it looks great, the specialty of this one lies in durability. The abs on its surface make this product a better all-rounder in design and strength.

Another benefit with this luggage is that it is 15% more expandable as compared to the common ones. This means you can accommodate more things than you usually would. A perfect companion for your travel, right?

  1. Polycarbonate Abs Luggage

A lot of people stay confused between polycarbonate and abs, which one is better? Well, this one ends the debate. Polycarbonate abs luggage is high-end hard case luggage no zipper which offers the best combination of flexibility and strength in a suitcase. Besides that, the wheels are the highlight here as the inclusion of multi-directional spinner means you can drag it anywhere you want without having to worry about uneven surfaces.

In short, if you are planning a long trip that involves a lot of commuting, you need to have this versatile luggage by your side.

  1. Aluminum Hardside Luggage

If you want to enjoy your traveling and look stylish as well, this one is the correct pick for you. The shiny aluminum surface is not just for show, it has got great strength and offers a unique style. The leather handle and universal wheels add comfort and convenience while the cylindrical sparkling surfaces enhance the beauty. Now you know what to take on a trip where your appearance matters, such as business tours and official training sessions outside your city! This hard side luggage no zipper is something you will want to show off.

  1. The Abs Custom Brand Luggage

If your work is tough and your traveling includes dragging luggage on hard abrasive surfaces, you need this one for your trips. The abs Custom Brand luggage is a rough and tough beauty made for factories. It features a minimalistic design with no extra frills on the surface. The luggage exterior conveys the message for itself, ‘for serious work, and nothing more’. Its marvelous features also include being heat and pressure resistant, making it perfect for rough weather conditions during traveling.

  1. TSA Approved Luggage

The last piece of luggage on our list is an ultimate pro weight career. And because it is TSA approved (Transportation Security Administration), the hectic security checks get much easier. For individuals who look for the peaceful traveling journey without having to stop on every security check, the TSA approved luggage offers the solution they are looking for.

aluminum suitcase luggage

What if I need an option for zipper luggage?

For those who travel light and want zips as well, nylon luggage suitcases are perfect. They are known for their special design and material that is lighter in weight as compared to other luggage. Now you can have carryon luggage no zipper in the nylon material or you can go with the normal luggage that is up to you. Moreover, most of the nylon bags have the advantage of multiple pockets. For people who like to keep their things organized, this luggage offers a convenient and versatile solution.


So this was our list of the best zipper less luggage to pack your things in, for a perfect traveling experience. Choose your pick and get your hard shell luggage no zipper, or any other option from the list to make every journey safe, comfortable and memorable.